Ask a CT Engineer: Error Message on Aquilion 16

Our 24/7 Technical Support team helps our customers by answering the call when they need us most. Through our “Ask a CT Engineer” blog series, we share questions we’ve received from engineers in the field answered by our very own expert engineering team. Here is an inside look at a recent question about an Aquilion 16 error message:

Question: I am getting an error message on my Toshiba* Aquilion 16. The reconstruction PC will not connect with the scan PC during boot up in the morning. We are unable to send reconstructed images. We get this error message when we shut the system down: “There is no response from the sub-system. Do you want to wait for the sub-system to respond?” If we reboot it a second time before use, it will connect and work fine. Do you have any suggestions?

Answer: The problem is most likely due to a faulty internal switch in the CPU box that allows the scan and display computers to talk to each other. Chances are that on the first power ON, the switch does not turn ON, but it does on the second.

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