Ask a CT Engineer: Asteion Super 4 OLP

Our 24/7 Technical Support team helps our customers by answering the call when they need us most. Through our “Ask a CT Engineer” blog series, we share questions we’ve received from engineers in the field answered by our very own expert engineering team. Here is an inside look at a recent question about an Asteion Super 4:

Q: I am working on a Toshiba* Asteion Super 4-slice CT scanner. The operating system is Windows XP platform TSX-021B. When I run tube warm-up, the process stops when the OLP (Over Load Protection) reaches 62%, and the tube heat temperature starts going down fast. The gantry continues rotating for a few minutes after stopping, and the computer is stuck, but there is no error on the screen. If I wait a little while and run a head scan procedure, the start button light does not come on.

A: The problem is either a defective MHR board in the REC box or corrupt boot line settings on the RTM board in the REC box. It is most likely a bad MHR board is causing the problem.

If an MHR board is defective (missing from the configuration), the indications are as follows:

  • Boot up takes much longer than normal.
  • The Gantry/Couch icon and the tube OLP icon in the user interface takes a long time to appear in the user interface.
  • When you start an exam, the gantry will spin up to speed. The Abort button on the keyboard will flash once, then the Confirm button in the user interface becomes active. When you click the Confirm button, the Abort button will flash once; then the Confirm button becomes active again. The Start button on the keyboard never becomes active.

You will be stuck in this loop until you quit the exam.

Once you quit the exam, after about 10 minutes a message will appear on the screen. It will say “Error in pre-process (a bad parameter was sent to pre-task)”.

Richardson Healthcare can help address challenges with defective MHR boards. Our 24/7 Parts and Technical Support team is available and ready for your call – (704) 739-3597.

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Asteion Super 4 OLP