Ask a CT Engineer: Aquilion Prime S Brush Blocks

Our 24/7 Technical Support team helps our customers most by answering the call when we’re needed. Through our new blog series, “Ask a CT Engineer,” we will be sharing questions from engineers in the field answered by our very own expert engineering team. Here is an inside look at a recent question about Prime Brush Blocks:

Question: I have been asked to perform slip ring maintenance on a Prime S (Generation 2) system. Do you know if the brush blocks are the as the PRIME (Generation 1)?

Answer: The brush tip and slip ring design is completely different between the PRIME and the Prime S. The Prime S uses brush base plates instead of blocks and the tips are ordered as a kit of 32 brushes. Both designs will need to be watched carefully and replaced when worn. Learn more about wear indicators here.

Brush Blocks by Platform:

Aquilion 4- thru 64-slice: BSX77-3487

Prime Gen 1: BSX77-5639

Prime Gen 2: BSX77-5634E-11 (pictured here)

prime brush blocks

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