Canon/Toshiba Brush Blocks

Canon/Toshiba Brush Block Assembly

As a leader in the Canon/Toshiba CT market, we are proud to offer brush blocks that can stand side-by-side the OEM product – at less than half the OEM cost.  Replacing the full set of 4 brush blocks at one time is recommended (quoted as full set of 4 blocks).

  • Copper Tips
  • 18-24 month life span
  • Full Life Warranty Available
  • Backed by Expert Technical Support
Alternate P/NBSX77-3487, IMES-3487, RELL43000524, RELL-3487
ManufacturerRichardson Healthcare
System Used OnAquilion 16|Aquilion 32|Aquilion 4|Aquilion 64|Aquilion Super 4
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