Ask a CT Engineer: Intermittent Ring Artifact

Our 24/7 Technical Support team helps our customers most by answering the call when we’re needed. Through our “Ask a CT Engineer” blog series, we will be sharing questions from engineers in the field answered by our very own expert engineering team. Here is an inside look at a recent question about an Aquilion 16 detector:

Ring Artifact

Question: I recently bought an Aquilion 16 DAS/Detector. After installing the part, I have had an intermittent ring artifact. I opened the front cover of the DAS and noticed there are two different part numbers on the converter 16 boards (Part #’s BSX73-0893E and BSX-1005E). Is there anything that I can do or check before calling the replacement detector DOA?

Answer: Regarding the part numbers, BSX73-0893E is the older part number for the converter 16 board, and BSX73-1005E is the newer part number. Both part numbers are compatible with each other.

It is not unheard of to receive a ring artifact after installing a new detector. The cause of the problem is likely that the converter 16 board is not initialized correctly. This happens in systems where the old PWB has been used, then the new PWB was installed, and vice versa. If ring artifacts disappear in images acquired after the power is turned ON and breaker CP1 is turned OFF, the cause is likely that the console delay timer setting of the power control must be changed to ensure sufficient processing time for initialization. Change the console timer setting – the console timer T1 in the CPU box must be set to six seconds for the new converter 16 boards.

The old converter 16 boards and the new converter 16 boards are compatible, and both types can be installed in the same DAS as long as timer T1 of the power controller in the CPU box is set for a six-second delay.

After troubleshooting and changing the console timer setting, this issue was resolved for our customer. Our engineering experts are available to help troubleshoot, walk you through complicated service processes or clarify compatibility issues. Have a question for our team? Send us an email or give us a call! 704-739-3597

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