Products & Solutions

Products & Solutions

We focus on diagnostic imaging products and solutions so our customers can focus on the outcome.

As a longtime provider of healthcare display solutions, Richardson Healthcare has the expertise to deliver advanced medical imaging replacement parts. Our products include:

Displays | Workstations for PACS & OR Environments | Replacement Flat Panel Detectors, CT & MRI tubes | Various Other Replacement Components

Of course, our PACS monitors complement a variety of hospital/facility workstations without the hassle of compatibility issues. In fact, Richardson’s offerings meet critical agency certifications and DICOM calibration standards for patient monitoring, biomedical displays, ultrasound, cardiac imaging and PACS.

These imaging products are of the highest quality and performance. Because of our passion for product quality, we built a reputation for infallible reliability and we guard it fiercely with every component we deliver. For example, we meticulously test every replacement component before it reaches our customers.

Our Brand

We offer our own brand of Image Systems Branddiagnostic and clinical displays: Image Systems. Including our Calibration Feedback Software, these displays ensure diagnostic excellence.

Displays & Solutions for Radiology/PACS

The Richardson Healthcare team prides itself in providing medical displays and solutions that give healthcare professionals peace of mind, great value, and hassle-free support.


Displays & Solutions for Surgery/OR

Richardson Healthcare’s  medical grade surgical displays provide superior technology for the OR – supporting the latest HD video signals, utilizing bright LED backlights, and displaying smooth, artifact-free medical images.


Flat Panel Detectors

While providing outstanding image and diagnosis quality, the Thales digital detectors are designed to simplify examination conditions. The versatility and autonomy of these portable, ultra-light and robust detectors optimize patient workflow.


MRI Replacement Tubes

We offer high quality Eimac power grid tubes that are used in GE and Philips MRI amplifier systems.


Imaging Replacement Parts

Premium quality, lower cost, skilled and dedicated support.

Apply these qualities to CT and MRI replacement parts, and you’ve just described Richardson Healthcare.