CT Replacement Parts

Toshiba CT Parts Program

We are the answer for Toshiba CT replacement parts, and carry inventory for every platform from the Asteion Single Slice through the Toshiba Aquilion 64–and now the PRIME.

The Richardson Parts Program is designed to support your CT service organization. We have invested in the facilities, expertise, and logistics to help make your team stronger and lower the cost of imaging service:

  • Hands-On CT Service Training
  • Ready-To-Ship QA3 Parts Inventory
  • Global Forward-Stocking Locations
  • 24/7 Technical Support and Parts Hotline
  • CT Tube Solutions

P3 – Preferred Parts Partnership

A P3 – Preferred Parts Partnership is the best way to benefit from our parts program, drawing together the best pricing, training tuition rates, and access to new and developing Richardson products. Learn more

Philips CT Parts Program

From our leading Toshiba CT blueprint, we have developed a Philips CT parts program to support Brilliance CT service providers. We are proud to expand our exclusive QA3 testing protocols, and hands-on, real-world focused service training curriculum.

Just Launched! Brilliance CT Service Training

We are here to help 24/7! Simply submit a Parts Request. Our dedicated Parts Team will respond to you immediately.


We currently have parts for the following systems:

 Siemens Emotion Single  GE LightSpeed 16  Philips H5000 Cath Lab
 Siemens Emotion Duo  GE HiSpeed Series  GE Advantx R/F Room
 Siemens Volume Zoom  GE ZX/I  Siemens HiCor Cath Lab
 Siemens Sensation 4 and 16  GE CT/I  Toshiba Titan, Atlas, and Vantage MRI
 Siemens Sensation 40  Picker PQS  Toshiba DUA450
 Siemens AR Star  Picker PQ2000  Toshiba KXO-200 and DFP2000
 Siemens Somatom Plus-4  Picker Ultra Z  Lorad Selenia Mammo
 Philips MX8000 Quad  Philips NT MRI
 Philips MX8000 IDT 16 Philips V5000 Vasc Lab




QA3 Testing Protocol –Parts are tested 3 times, 3 different ways in our facility. We are proud to maintain a failure rate of only 1% on Toshiba CT replacement parts.

Instapak Foam Packaging – What good is a tested part if it’s damaged in transit? We have invested in this premium Instapak technology so that your part arrives exactly as it left our warehouse: Ready for use. It arrives cleaned and wrapped in a reliable, new container.

Warranty – Because we do all that we can to ensure your part or system works properly upon delivery, we offer extended warranties on the components we ship. The confidence to stand behind each order comes from our stellar QA3 process and dedicated support team. Ask us for details!



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