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Anywhere you use CR today – you can now have DR

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Grab and Go EZ2GO




The ArtPix EZ2Go wireless digital radiography system contains a lightweight detector paired with a handheld operating tablet computer that provides x-rays in seconds. No more CR cassettes to haul around. Your EZ2GO can work with any brand x-ray machine. Take it from room to room or use with a portable, then send your images wirelessly to your PACs network. The ArtPix EZ2GO is truly a portable digital radiography systems that makes it easy to “Grab and Go!”  Need one more reason to convert to DR?  Learn about the recent Medicare cuts on analog x-ray payments starting in 2017.



What Our Users Are Saying…

A single detector is much easier and lighter to use.
The instantaneity of Wi-Fi caused the procedure for each patient to be very quick.
The tablet was easy to use thanks to the familiar windows environments.
There is a significant reduction of dosage for patients from the traditional CR system.
The condition of the patient can be immediately reviewed due to immediate viewing of the image.

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