Tech Tips – Ways to Improve Your Ability to Discern Low‐Contrast Differences

The next few blog entries will focus on ways to improve your ability to discern low‐contrast differences (subtle differences in gray-shades).

These tech tips come directly from one of our diagnostic display experts, Ana Greco. She has been with Richardson for 15 years. We don’t just give anyone the “expert” title. We consider Ana an expert because of her years of education, training, and hands-on experience working in different OR/PACs/Radiology reading room environments across the country.   She is a master at troubleshooting and continues to receive rave reviews from our customers. Three cheers for Ana! Thank you Ana!

Tech Tips – Ways to improve your ability to discern low‐contrast differences:

1‐ Clean your display

Fingerprints, especially on touch‐screen displays like iPad tablets, will reduce your performance. Similarly, dirt and dust on all displays will reduce performance. Be careful when choosing to use protective panels as dust behind them sometimes cannot be cleaned.

2‐ Reduce ambient light

Anything to reduce ambient light will likely be helpful. Work from an office (vs public work area with bright lights), close the curtain, turn down lights, turn off lights…

There will be more to come in the next few weeks, but if you need to talk to one of our display experts (including Ana) , please contact us at: or 888.735.7373