Tech Tip: Color-Matched Displays


The use of two or more displays side-by-side requires similarity of the colors, or more specifically their white points.

Diagnostic displays ship as color-matched sets. If two or more monitors have a noticeable “color” difference (grayscale displays included), it is most likely caused by one of three reasons.

1. They were not color matched in the first place – a common error in commercial displays.

2. A pair of displays were separated out of the box but not tracked.

3. One display was relocated and never matched in its new location.


Color-Match Displays – Best Practices:

  • Keep diagnostic displays in color matched pairs (most are shipped this way)
  • Calibrate the color-point in color medical displays as needed
  • Record and mark displays with their color coordinates, if not already marked
  • Inform manufacturer of color coordinate target of the paired (good) display if replacement for a bad display is needed
  • Be aware that new technology in color displays used for diagnostic interpretation, including grayscale images, may enable the option to adjust the color point in the field



Image Systems Color-Matched DisplaysOur Image Systems brand of diagnostic displays comes with Calibration Feedback Software which simplifies the process for you.

Image Systems Brand: Color-Matched Displays through CFS






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