Tech Tip: Prevent Poor Airflow on Workstation Vents


This issue can be “out of sight, out of mind” as workstations are often positioned where they are not easily seen or cleaned.


For machines that have been deployed for long periods of time, it is common to have vent holes that are partially or nearly completely covered up with dust and lint.

Blocked vent holes limit air flow and can cause overheating of both the CPU processor as well as the GPU chip on the graphics card.

Overheating is a potential reliability problem that can cause loss of video, crashes, restarts, slow downs, or render the workstation completely unusable. Overheating can also be a cause of poor video or video artifacts.


Best Practices:

  • Schedule routine maintenance on the workstations that includes clearing and cleaning ventilation holes.
  • Consider utilizing utilities that monitor GPU and CPU operating temperatures.


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