Tech Tip: The Wonders of Using a Display Power Management System (DPMS) Program


The use of DPMS provides two money-saving benefits:

1. Prolongs LCD panel life
2. Reduces energy consumption

Medical imaging applications need a higher target luminance setting than general office applications, so the use of a DPMS Program offers various benefits. Why? The hours on a display’s backlight, over time, reduce its useful life. The term “useful” means the ability to reach that high target luminance. The reduction of target luminance levels from aging backlights cause issues with contrast ratios, calibration and digital driving levels. These are all essential functions to comply with guidelines governing specific imaging procedures. In order to extend the useful life of displays, properly implement power management control. The controls will shut down the display’s backlight during periods of inactivity.


DPMS – Best Practices:

  • Use a default setting to put displays to sleep after a set time of non-use for all medical imaging display workstations.
  • Use a policy or user controls to prevent users from disabling power management settings.
  • Occasionally inspect workstations to ensure that power management settings are maintained.



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