ACR Recommendations & Our Image Systems Brand: Compared


We took the time to compile ACR Recommendations for displays, and show how our various Image Systems Brand models align with and exceed them.

2014 ACR-AAP-SIIM Key Display Recommendations
(vs. 2007 ACR Recommendations)

Note: Original 2007 ACR recommendations were more directed at CRT displays and older LCD displays; 2012 and subsequent 2014 recommendations are directed at newer LCD displays with superior backlight technology.

(Source: ACR-AAPM-SIIM Technical Standard for Electronic Practice of Medical Imaging, Amended 2014 – Resolution 39)


ACR Recommendations: Simplified by Richardson Healthcare Experts


Our Image Systems Brand Stacks Up to ACR RecommendationsOur Image Systems Displays – available for Diagnostic, Mammography, Clinical and Surgical uses – strive to upkeep ACR Luminance and Pixel Pitch recommendations. The proof is below:

ACR Recommendations: Image Systems Stacks Up



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Richardson Healthcare ACR Summary Sheet