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How To: Diagnosing a Defective Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger on a Toshiba Aquilion CT plays a crucial role in the overall function of the scanner. Just like the radiator and engine in your car, the heat exchanger keeps the x-ray tube cool. If defective, then the system is unable to perform scans–the engine, so to speak, won’t run.

So how do you know if your heat exchanger is defective?

Rebuilt Toshiba Aquilion CT Heat Exchangers exclusively from Richardson

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How To: Quick IQ Check

Our in-house Philips training and support engineer, Chris Rinehart, shares his expertise from 18 years in the field on how to ensure Philips Brilliance and Ingenuity systems are performing at their maximum potential.

“At all costs,” says Rinehart, “we want to avoid a misdiagnosis due to an imperfect image. One of the best ways to avoid issues and maintain the highest image quality is the Quick IQ Check.”

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Troubleshooting: Going Beyond the Error Codes

Let’s say you are the dedicated imaging specialist, and you get a call from CT. The Toshiba Aquilion PRIME system is giving a message during boot-up showing that the System Disk RAID is “Degraded” on the Display Console (D-Con).  The operator said they clicked “OK” on the message and the system is working normally. Now what do you do?

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