MRI Solutions

MRI Solutions

Cost-saving MRI solutions for imaging service providers

Richardson Healthcare delivers new and refurbished products, as well as repair services, as MRI solutions. Our products and services include:

MRI Coils | Coldheads & Compressors | RF Amplifier Repair | New RF Amplifier Tubes 

Richardson continues to invest in solutions to help lower costs of high-value components and support alternative service providers. Let us customize a quote for you today!

New RF Amplifier Tubes

We offer new RF amplifier tubes from world leading suppliers. Our inventory supports all major MRI platform brands. Get up to 12-months warranty on any new tube.

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RF Amplifier Repair

Our repair experts are available to service RF amplifiers from all major brand MR platforms. Local support is offered in US and EU. Exchange sales are available. Contact Us 

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Coldheads & Compressors

We offer refurbished Coldheads, Compressors and more cryogenic components with turnkey installation options in all major brands. 12-month warranty.

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Fully Refurbished Coils

Our MRI coils look and function like new as a result of our proprietary testing and the detailed work of our repair experts. All coils have a 90-day warranty.

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