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Workstation Demonstrations

Workstation DemonstrationsTo ensure that your new PACs workstation delivers the flawless performance you need, our application engineers can install, mount and setup your display systems for you. They can also train your staff to properly use and calibrate them.

Our installation service includes:


  • Unpacking of all equipment, verification of the completeness/correctness of the order
  • Testing of system performance and stability
  • Installation of calibration software


  • Installation of plates and wall tracks
  • Mounting of the displays
  • Connection to all appropriate computers and peripherals
  • Installation of cable management system for a clean and professional appearance


  • Staff instruction on the calibration software and light meter devices
  • Explanation of TekLink® Support software (including account creation and documentation)
  • Training on the use of the TekLink® services and the after-hours on-call system

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