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Display Calibration – Quality Control & Quality Assurance Services

QCQA Display CalibrationRadiology/PACs departments face the challenge of adhering to the healthcare industry’s stringent guidelines for display calibration and conformance. For example, the updated ACR/AAPM/SIIM Technical Guidelines call for higher minimum brightness for displays used in medical imaging. Is your fleet of diagnostic imaging monitors DICOM compliant and meet ACR guidelines?

Richardson Healthcare offers on-site QC / QA testing performed by our team of experts. With extensive experience in medical imaging systems, they can ensure that your displays meet or exceed the DICOM Part 14 and AAPM TG18 guidelines. In addition, all their testing is documented and supplied to you at the end of their visit.

Our QC / QA services include:

  • Testing and reporting to AAPM TG18 standards provided by the display manufacturer
  • Internet-based reports that can be viewed via secure Web site
  • Workstation and display cleaning
  • Calibration of internal/attached light meters
  • Calibration software updates
  • DICOM Part 14 conformance checks
  • On-Site DICOM Calibration
  • Applicable Engineering Revisions

Learn more about this on site service and/or schedule a visit with one of our experts.

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Richardson Healthcare Quality Control and Quality Assurance Services

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